About the holding company 

General director — Chairman of the Board

Konev Ivan Victorovich


Deputy General Director - Director of Sales,
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Maslennikov Pavel Viktorovich


Deputy General Director
for Finance and Economy

Znaharchuk Anna Vladimirovna


Joint-stock company Holding company “Energomash-Stroy”

The rise of the Joint-stock company Holding company “Energomash-Stroy” was predetermined by dynamic development of few Belgorod energy machine-building enterprises, taking part in final production.

Unification into the single company gives an opportunity rationally use all kinds of resources, providing stability and effective cooperation with customers.

Acting as a single unit Joint-stock company Holding company “Energomash-Stroy” efficiently solves financial, material, marketing questions and problems of technical reequipment, introduction of modern technological methods of work.

A number of advantages of the company allow to use the potential of all enterprises and successfully realize all the plans.

Our company keeps strictly to business rules; it is financially stable and ready for mutual cooperation.

Best regards,
General director — Chairman of the Board
of the Joint-stock company Holding company “Energomash-Stroy”
Konev Ivan Victorovich.


In accordance with Federal Law "About State registration of legal entity" the Joint-stock company Holding Company “Energomash-Stroy” referred to as “Energomash-Stroy” was included into the common state list of legal entity on the 10th of October 2005 issued by Inspection of the Federal Tax Service in Belgorod.