Staff policy 

Staff manager

Belyuchenko Olga Mihajlovna



Vatutina st., 3, Belgorod, Russian Federation, 308013


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Staff policy

Essence of Holding staff policy is work with the staff, corresponding the concept of development of the organization and directed on formation of the collective capable effectively solve planned tasks.

We are confident that:

  • staff professionalism is a competitive advantage in achievement and preservation of business leadership,
  • the highest organization value is diligent, initiative, qualified employees dividing the responsibility for results of activity;
  • the company success depends on the people working in it;
  • the fair living standards of employee depends on success of the organization;
  • understanding and rapproachement of the purposes of the employer and employee is the shortest way to increase an operational efficiency of Holding.

In the work we:

  • respect the employee individuality;
  • free discuss problems and we give reasons for reached decisions;
  • promote to initiative and self-realization of workers in the interests of Holding;
  • worthily estimate effective work and contribution of each worker to common cause.
  • prosper to professional growth and promotion of employees.
  • ameliorate the quality of labour life
  • seek to that all employees could share company success, realize the belonging to corporate values and be proud of that they are part of JSC Holding company “Energomash-Stroy”.

Management of JSC Holding company “Enrgomash-Stroy” realizes the responsibility for life and activity of people in Holding company, guarantees observance of staff policy and calls all workers actively participate in its realization.

Our joint efforts will make JSC Holding company “Enrgomash-Stroy” competitive in the world market!