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General director

Zharko Dmitriy Viktorovich


Essential Elements

TIN 3123103139, OGRN(PSRN)  1043408000737, TRC 312301001,

Settlement Acc. No 440702810116020001057 in the JSC Vneshtorgbank, Belgorod,

Corresponding Acc. No 30101810400000000757,

BIC 041403757.



Popova st., 17, Belgorod, Russian Federation, 308009



(8-4722) 583901.

CJSC Autoparking Central

Autoparking Central is a multistorey parking garage, first unit of such kind, built in Belgorod. Autoparking is situated in the center of the town. The building of Autoparking is situated on Popov st., 17;it is a modern 7-storied building, total square 16500 m². In front of the parking the automobile saloon is opened, where you could purchase new Japanese cars “SUBARU”, combining the safety and quality, attractive shape and sports character.

The restaurant of fast food “Paseka” is situated on the ground floor. Here you could also find jeweller's “Kristall” and one of the central office of company of a cellular transmission JSC Recom.

There are 12 shops where you could find practically everything — clothes, shoes, perfume, cosmetics, CDs, goods for house, tourism and sport in the trade-center “Avtograd” (total square 1500 m²). There is also photo salon “Profoto”, pharmaceutical point, office of company of a cellular transmission “Bee Line”. There is a restaurant “Dobryak Grangusie” on the 1st floor. There are 520 parking places situated from the 1st to the 7th floor of “Avtograd”. Floor of autoparking is covered with modern polymeric coating with antiskid features resistive for corrosion environment.

The central entrance is equipped with heating, which excludes the icing formation during the winter. There is one-side direction in parking with a view to prevent breakdown situation. The whole territory is equipped with video cameras. The system of automatic entrance and exit prevents from traffic-jam and provides high-speed movement.

Custodial servants — security guard-cashiers — take entrance fee. The control and calculation is carried out not only by cash register but computer as well.There is a passenger lift in the building.

The great attention is paid to the body condition of the cars, head lights, mirrors and wheeled disks of coming cars. All damages are noted down into the special register, through portable radio transmitter the security guard transfers the data to the post. They ask the passengers to leave the car and their trunks are checked.

Parking costs: 10 rubles per 1 hour, 50 rubles per 24 hours. Regular customers could purchase a plastic card, which guarantees parking place at anytime.

The first multistory parking-garage opens 24 hours.