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Director of Center — chief constructor

Koshelev Anatoliy Aleksandrovich


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Engineering Center

Engineering Center is a modern engineering center which is the part of Holding company “Energomash-Stroy”, having its own industrial base and trade mark “Belenergomash”®.

Our organization unites a professional team of competent experts on development and introduction of the power boiler equipment, building metal constructions and pipelines.

These are the people putting their experience and knowledge in laborious daily work to successful realization of the projects demanded by life.

The best proofs of this productive work are objects that have been created for the short term from the date of the basis of the organization.

Quality of our work you could see in the hi-tech equipment created by us and positive customers responses.

Our visitors both Russians and foreign neighbours repeatedly noticed the beauty and equipment of our enterprise.

We are proud of our enterprise and we want to divide this pride with people for whom we work.


Engineering Center was established in January 2004 after restructuring of an industrial complex JSC Belenergomash and IP MCP Belgorod metal constructions plant. Skilled experts of these two enterprises are the workers of this new organization.

Activity directions

Engineering Center is a specialized organization on projecting, adjustment and service of power equipment, pipelines and metal constructions. We develop the projects satisfying to modern technical requirements; we render services on manufacturing, delivery, installation and repair of the existing equipment.

We specialize on development of:

  • steam and water-heating boilers for boiler-houses and thermal power stations;
  • energy-technological boilers and heat-recovery boilers for technological lines ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, thermal neutralization of solid household waste,
  • chemical enterprises, pulp-and-paper and petroleum-refining industry;
  • small boiler equipment;
  • auxiliary boiler equipment;
  • containers working under pressure;
  • substandard equipment;
  • burner devices;
  • spare parts for boilers of home and import manufacture;
  • pipelines for thermal, atomic power stations, industrial power and other industries;
  • metal constructions for industrial and civil engineering;
  • small-capacity equipment of oil refining or gas condensate and equipment for an oil-and-gas complex.

Our organization unites long-term design potential of JSC Belenergomash and IP MCP.

For engineering the modern software — complex system of automated projecting INTERMECH is used. The software for creating of three-dimensional geometrical modeling of power equipment products of any complexity is used. All design documentation is issued only in electronic kind and qualitatively corresponds to the best world samples.

Our organization works towards the development of the multilateral approach to the customers requirements. The most important demands are included into the basic group:

  • optimal technological level;
  • ecological safety;
  • mutual benefit.

Other criteria are also taken into account in the technical-commercial offers sending to consumers.

The optimum correlation of technological level and price level on the equipment and constructions provides to both developers and manufacturers leading positions.

Engineering Center has all necessary licenses for realization of the activity.

The department of boiler equipment

The department develops and delivers a wide range of boiler equipment.

These are steam and water-heating boilers for industrial and household boiler-houses and thermal power stations; energy-technological boilers and heat-recovery boilers of technological lines ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, chemical enterprises and petroleum-refining industry, gas-turbine power stations; soda reclaiming and magnesium reclaiming boilers; small boiler equipment; burners; spare parts to boilers.

We produce steam power boilers working on gas, liquid and solid fuel (including nonconventional — bark-wood waste, agricultural production waste), and also water-heating boilers working on gas and liquid fuel.

Constant improvement and application of modern technical decisions allow to significantly reduce an influence of harmful emissions on an environment to a level corresponded to the requirements of the most rigid international norms. Our department offers small boiler equipment intended to receive steam or hot water due to heat combustion of black oil or natural gas. Water-heating boilers provide schools, hospitals, hothouse complexes and housing estate of cities with heat. These are small, monoblock, completely automated units of the European level with high coefficient of efficiency. They are equipped with burner, fan, armature and system of automatic control.

The production of heat-recovery boilers and energy-technological boilers is one more important direction in activity of boiler equipment department. The power-consuming technologies in metallurgy and paper industry, chemistry, petrochemistry, turbine of gas pumping stations, heating and firing furnaces, others heat-causing plants are equipped with these boilers. Disposal and energy-technological boilers are the major element of gas treatment complexes.

The equipment of chemical water purification, deaeration towers, tanks for deaeration water of any capacity, steam-and-water and water-water heat-exchanging are issued to complete boiler-houses.

We can offer a wide range of boilers for seismic areas.

All boilers are delivered on assembly site in the form of extended blocks.

Cooperation with foreign and home hardware suppliers and participation in projects of the large world financial organizations provides a high degree of reliability and quality of our work.

Belgorodenergomashproject Ltd produces different equipment according to its own documentation and documentation developed on the base of customer presented drawings.

The department of pipelines designing

The department carries out working out and designing of details and elements of pipelines:
  • high pressure, capacity 180MW and from more carbonaceous and chromium- molybdenum-vanadium steel for TPS (thermoelectric power station) and corrosion-resistant steel of an austenitic class and carbonaceous and silicium-manganese steel of a perlitic class for APS (atomic power station) (straight pipelines, pipe-bend, elbows, transitions, T-bends and T-bend branch line , connecting pipe, flange, etc.).
  • low pressure Р <2,2 MPa (22kgs/cm2), t> = 425°C from carbonaceous and low-alloyed steel for TPS and rust-resisting steel of an austenitic class and carbonaceous and silicium-manganese steel of a perlitic class for APS (straight pipelines, pipe-bend, elbows, transitions, T-bends and T-bend branch line , connecting pipe, flange, etc.)

Constructional design is made on the basis of the documentation presented by the design organization — the developer of the power unit.

The department designs and develops working drawings of pylons and suspension brackets for pipelines of high and low pressure.

The working out of details drawings and elements of pipelines is possible in separate units and blocks improving quality of assembly and welding of the pipeline in assembly conditions. Working drawings are carried out in view of the technology accepted at the manufacturer enterprise.

The metalconstruction designing department

The department designs building metal constructions industrial and non-industrial purpose of any complexity; works out drawings of columns, girders, beams, binding rafters, consoles, railway, foot, automobile bridges, ladders, road fences, broadcasting towers and pylons, power line pylons, skeletons of power boilers, metalconstructions of oil-and gas pumping stations, substations, blast furnaces, oxygen-converter plant, open-hearth, rolling shops, mills, concentrating factories, sintering plant and others including substandard constructions.

Working out of engineering specifications for steel building constructions of different purpose is fulfilled simultaneously with cost reduction, increase of reliability.

The department fulfils the most complicated tasks; the most impressing project among them is the restoration of Kiev railway station an arch discharging landing-stage in Moscow, built in 1914 by Shuhov V. G. an outstanding Russian engineer, the native Belgorod citizen.

It is a great honor for our organization to participate in this unusual project.

On request of the Baltic building company the working documentation of bridges on two sites of St.-Petersburg highway is developed. The metalconstruction department masters one more perspective direction: manufacture of electrofilters, which is actual at present (an example: electrofilters for Arkhangelsk and Kotlas pulp and paper mill, Omsk TPS and the Khakass aluminium mill) as ecologists make very rigid demands on enterprises. The department staff contributes to working out of the documentation for construction of cattle livestock farm.