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General director

Chuev Konstantin Gennadevich


Essential Elements

TIN 3123000197, TRC 312301001,

Settlement Acc. No 40702 810 0 0721 0100878 in the Belgorod Saving bank branch 8592,

Corresponding Acc. No 30101 81010000 0000633,

BIC 041403633.


Legal address

B.Hmelnitskogo pr., 131, Belgorod, Russian Federation, 308000


Post address

Narodniy avenue, 70, office 301, Belgorod, Russian Federation, 308000



(4722) 333-161



JSC Belgorodstalconstruktsiya

JSC Belgorodstalconstruktsiya was organized in 1975 (up to 1996 it was trust Belgorodstalindusria) for performance of installation works on objects of Kursk magnetic anomaly. For 30 years period till present days JSC Belgorodstalindusria has installed more than 1 million tons and produced nearby 100 000 tons of metal constructions. Installation of starting objects was executed for Stolenskiy mining and processing plant, Lebedinsky mining and processing plant and Oskolsky electrometallurgical plant. During the installation of hot-briquette iron reactor of Lebedinsky mining and processing plant the work was carried out with the help of helicopter. At the present moment civil and erection work is carried out at metallurgical and mining and processing plants, power enterprises and objects of sports-cultural purpose of the central region of Russian Federation.

JSC Belgorodstalconstruktsiya this is:

  • projecting, manufacturing and installation of metal constructions for buildings of any purpose;
  • erection of fencing constructions, including shaped roofing leaf, wall panels;
  • industrial sites in Belgorod, Stary Oskol and Gubkin.

JSC Belgorodstalconstruktsiya is the largest organization of an assembly direction in Central region.

JSC Belgorodstalconstruktsiya looks ahead with optimism: the big industrial potential combined with efficiency allows to achieve high reputation among customers that helps joint-stock company to strengthen the contacts with constant customers and find the new one.


License GS-1-31-02-27-0-3123000197-002233-1  allows to fulfil: Building constructions of 1 and 2 levels of responsibility

  1. Civil engineering work:
    • earth-moving work,
    • stonework,
    • structure of concrete and ferro-concrete constructions,
    • installation of concrete and ferro-concrete constructions;
  2. Installation of light fencing designs;
  3. Realization of the general contractor functions;
  4. Installation of steel designs;
  5. Installation of technological equipment;
  6. The construction of buildings height up to 100 meters inclusively is authorized.