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Deputy General Director for Design -
director of the Department supervision installation and commissioning

Gayvoronskiy Pavel Mihaylovich


Essential Elements

TIN 3120012645, TRC 312301001,

Settlement Acc. No 40702810716020001062 in the JSC Vneshtorgbank, Belgorod,

Corresponding Acc. No 30101810400000000757,

BIC 041403757.



Vatutina st., 3a, Belgorod, Russian Federation, 308013.



(4722) 21-19-86.

CJSC Construction-Assembly Enterprise

CJSC Construction-Assembly Enterprise works from the year 2000.

The construction-assembly enterprise carries out construction of buildings of the 1st and 2nd levels of complexity according to state standard.


CJSC Construction-Assembly Enterprise has the license on:
construction of buildings of the I and II levels of responsibility according to state standard.

  1. Construction of buildings of II level of responsibility:
    • general construction work,
    • preparatory work,
    • earth-moving work,
    • stonework,
    • concrete and ferro-concrete constructions' structure,
    • installation of concrete and ferro-concrete constructions,
    • installation of wooden constructions,
    • installation of easy fencing constructions,
    • insulating work,
    • roofwork,
    • an accomplishment of the territory;
  2. Realization of general contractor functions:
    • work of decoration,
    • fitting out of floors;
  3. Sanitary-engineering work:
    • fitting out of internal engineering systems and equipment;
  4. Special work:
    • installation of steel constructions;
    • fitting out of internal engineering networks and communications,
    • fitting out of internal engineering systems and the equipment.
  5. Installation of the technological equipment;